Oscar Pistorius Trial: Court Transcript

  • Court is in session.
    Judge: You are still under oath.
    Nel: You listened for other sounds.
    EN: My lady, regarding the manner and which it was. I was expecting to listen to sounds.
    Roux: But you are awake and your husband is outside.
    EN: Oh yes.
    Nel: And you heard a man cry?
    EN: Yes, my lady.
    Nel: No other bang sounds?
    En: NO my lady.
    Nel: Apart from describing it as bang, what else can you say about it?
    EN: As I explained it my lady. It was a bang sound.
    Nel: Madam, if I look at Dr Stipp’s evidence, you heard the last bang of the sound that you heard?
    Roux: My lady I don’t think it is correctly put. She heard before 3:16 the bang. Unless it is the first bang that Dr Stipp heard. When was it the first time or the second time?
    Nel: My lady, that is argueing. I am looking at the evidence. That is how I framed the statement, I think she heard the last bang.
    Nel: You heard the last bang sound?
    EN: Well that is the only sound I heard my lady.
    Nel: I have no further questions.
    Roux: I have no re-examination my lady.
    Judge: Thank-you for your assistance.
    Roux: My lady the next witness is Miss Motswani, she is on her way. She is a mother, so we cannot have her sitting around waiting. I anticipate that the defense will be finished with the case by next Tuesday. We are while in the timeframe.
    Judge: We will then adjourn.
    Roux: I will call you at your chambers once the witness has arrived.
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