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  • Human Resources in Parliament?

    Interesting to hear Bob Stewart MP - see Sky News interview below  -  claim that the HR departments for MP were their "constituents". How does that work exactly? 
    Of course, what he is saying is that MPs are accountable to the people who vote for them. But how do they protect members of staff working for MPs if they believe they have been harassed or suffered an abuse of power? There isn't really a process there that feeds back to constituents is there? 
    Following the allegations about such harassment in Parliament John Bercow, the speaker, has said that he will see if the system can be reformed. But he points out that his powers are limited because MPs employ staff directly.
    And that really is the key - Parliament is made up of 650 small businesses, run by the politicians themselves and operating individually. There isn't an HR function because this isn't a big organisation with the structures to support that. 
    The Conservative's voluntary code of conduct may help - but only if MPs want to sign up to it.
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